About me

I'm Joao, originally from Oeiras, Portugal, now residing in Switzerland. My introduction to the digital realm began early, creating websites in PHP and overseeing home servers. By age 14, my entrepreneurial inclinations surfaced as I started renting out game servers for Counter-Strike with a friend, even if it was an immediate failure 🙈

Sports have played a pivotal role in my life, especially rowing and underwater hockey. I've held the title of Portuguese National Champion in rowing and represented Portugal in European Championships for underwater hockey. CrossFit is my current athletic pursuit, having dedicated more than three years to it.

Holding a Master's in Computer Science and boasting over 15 years of professional experience, I've consistently navigated the web development space. 2018 saw my foray into blockchain with Taiga Market. The following year, I initiated Padely in Switzerland, which soon pivoted to the establishment of Veertly, a virtual event platform, given the global pandemic circumstances. My recent endeavors align with NextJs, leading to projects such as QuickActions and Ease My Injury.

In the tech landscape, my stack of choice revolves around React, TypeScript, NextJS, and Firebase. I'm all in with a serverless mindset, emphasizing scalability, efficiency, and flexibility in my projects.

I've had the privilege of volunteering in Angola, which greatly broadened my worldview. Today, Switzerland is home, where I live with my two daughters.

My philosophy is clear and unwavering: Work Hard, Stay Humble.

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