Building with Joao 🎙️

A podcast about my journey of building products in public.

In this podcast, you can count with:

  • My reflections and thoughts of my week
  • What worked and didn't work
  • The learnings from my experimentations

This is just me sharing unfiltered thoughts about entrepreneurship.

Building with Joao

#21 - Gamification mechanisms

Explore gamification’s impact on user engagement with personal stories on WIP, a fasting app, and Stompers. Learn how to integrate leaderboards, streaks, and competition in your apps.

Building with Joao

#20 - Onboarding tutorials

We drastically reduced customer support requests on Veertly by introducing an onboarding tutorial. In this episode, I share my experience and thoughts on onboarding guides for new products.

Building with Joao

#19 - Serverless vs Self-hosted

In this episode I share how I built Veertly with thousands of concurrent participants on top of serverless system.

Building with Joao

#18 - Internationalization (i18n) support

In this episode, I discuss adding i18n to my new app from day one, targeting the German market and navigating the complexities it introduces.

Building with Joao

#17 - Being a Podcaster

I've become a podcaster sharing my product-building journey for 17 weeks already. In this episode, I reflect on challenges and lessons learned in this journey.

Building with Joao

#16 - Juggling 9-5 and Building a House

Balancing my part-time 9-5 with Veertly's development, alongside updates on building my new house.

Building with Joao

#15 - Entrepreneurship and Connections with Daniel Nastase

In this episode, I welcome the first guest of my podcast, Daniel Nastase. We talk about entrepreneurship, connections and how to own our contacts.

Building with Joao

#14 - Finding my niche

Discovering your niche is vital in the indie hacker journey. In this episode, I open up about my struggles to find mine and the space I'm honing in on.

Building with Joao

#13 - Importance of Daily Sport for an Entrepreneur

I do CrossFit every evening. This is my daily routine and it's crucial for a balance life

Building with Joao

#12 - Why we Killed our Project

Being an entrepreneur also means knowing when to stop a project! This is what we decided to do with one of our projects — end it.

Building with Joao

#11 - Parenting as an Entrepreneur

Thoughts on the importance of living experiences with your kids and how to grow your startup while raising your kids.

Building with Joao

#10 - Growth Board Update

Update on the development of the Growth Board product and the technical decisions.

Building with Joao

#9 - Being a good listener as an entrepreneur

Being a good listener is the most important skill as an entrepreneur. It allows you to understand your customers, your team, and create amazing relationships.

Building with Joao

#8 - Research Interviews

For our Growth-Board project, we have conducted several research interviews before starting to build the product. I share our process and my takeaways in this episode.

Building with Joao

#7 - Distribution Channels

In this episode I share my thoughts on the different distribution channels and which ones are better when starting your side projects.

Building with Joao

#6 - Building Undercover

B and Matt are starting a new project with me, but they have a boring 9-5 job. They are Building Undercover!

Building with Joao

#5 - Do you have a roadmap?

Roadmaps are important for any project, but the magic is when you find the right balance between planning and flexibility.

Building with Joao

#4 - Solopreneur vs co-founder

Building together is much more rewarding, but it should not be forced.

Building with Joao

#3 - Million Dollar Weekend

I spent my holiday week reading Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan. I went back to my projects and see what I did wrong.

Building with Joao

#2 - Free credits and quick value

I added some free credits to TrailerWave project and in this episode I share how important it is to give quick value to the users.

Building with Joao

#1 - Intro to my build in public week

Welcome to my podcast where I share weekly reflections of my build in public journey.

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