All of my long-form thoughts on programming, leadership, product management, and my journey as an building in public. Also sharing how-to's and other learnings along the way.

Why I Killed My Startup: 3 Lessons I Learned

Shutting down a startup is tough, but I learned invaluable lessons. Discover the 3 crucial entrepreneurial pitfalls I fell into with TrailerWave and how to avoid them when starting your own venture

Solopreneurship vs. Co-founding

Solo vs. co-founder entrepreneurial paths: advantages, challenges, and personal insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.

True Self vs Social Self

Exploring authenticity in the digital age: the challenge of social networks vs. the promise of closed communities.

How I restarted my build journey

Discover how I restarted my build journey with the development of Quick Actions, a Crisp plugin. Tips on product development, market fit, and monetization.

How I built a MVP in 14 hours

Explore how the EaseMyInjury AI project was built using NextJS, TailwindCSS, Firebase, and OpenAI's ChatGPT4. Learn about key tech choices, tools, and lessons.