My experience building the ETHDenver 2019 ticketing system

In 2018, as blockchain and cryptocurrencies gained prominence, various sectors explored its potential applications. At the ETHDenver 2018 hackathon, our team investigated the emerging concept of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Through iterative development, we identified opportunities within the ticketing industry, considering how NFTs might address challenges like ticket scalping and counterfeiting, providing an immutable record of ticket ownership and transactions.

ETHDenver Event

With the foundational idea being established during the hackathon, a clearer vision emerged. The essence was to develop a ticketing system that could harness the unique properties of NFTs and the transparency of blockchain technology.

Building atop the Ethereum platform was a logical choice given its mature ecosystem and the ability to integrate uPort's decentralized identity. This integration ensured that each attendee had a distinct and verifiable digital identity, streamlining the registration process. Working in tandem with Andrew Golightly, the project was actualized, eventually managing the smooth registration and check-in of over 2000 participants for ETHDenver 2019.

Back in 2019, I wrote an artile explaining the Technical Explanation of the ETHDenver 2019 Applications Platform, from the initial conceptualization to the challenges faced and the solutions adopted.