Episode #1

Intro to my build in public week

In this opening episode of "Building with Joao", I share:

  • An introduction to this series and why I've decided to share my journey.
  • The critical role of monorepos in streamlining development processes.
  • Key learnings from my Veertly experience, particularly regarding monorepo structures.
  • A sneak peek into my personalized outreach strategy for Trailerwave, aimed at revolutionizing Shopify video content.

I am building several projects in public, and with this series I want to share some reflections and learnings from my experience. I hope I can inspire you and be useful.

In this episode, I mention the following projects: ⁠https://trailerwave.com⁠ - Transform Shopify product pages into promo videos in minutes ⁠https://veertly.com⁠ - The virtual event platform I created and sold to Swisscom

You can find my daily sharings on ⁠https://x.com/joaoaguiam

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