Episode #11

Parenting as an Entrepreneur

In this week's episode, I share some thoughts on being a dad and an entrepreneur.

During my vacation over the past few days, I realized how important it is to provide my kids with shared experiences and the impact these have on their memories. This realization made me change my way of interacting with them.

I also revisit my experience of starting to build Veertly when my youngest daughter was 18 months old and how I think every indie hacker can grow their startups as well as their kids at the same time.

Tune in to hear my thoughts and tips!

I also mention an episode from Tiago's ⁠<a href="https://www.wannabe-entrepreneur.com/episodes" target="_blank">Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast⁠</a> where he shares the pressure of the 30s and concerns about becoming a Dad.

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